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Formerly knowns as Daily Malong, Elle Karayan is a BIPOC, Pilipina-owned fashion house on a mission to empower Indigenous communities in the Philippines to continue their living traditions by extending appreciation of their living traditions to different Filipino diasporic communities around the world.

With its mantra "Indigenous is the future," founder Lydia Querian believes that bringing Indigenous practices to the future perpetuates time-tested traditions, helping the present and protecting the future. Each Filipino Indigenous textile worn today helps wearers and weavers navigate societal atrocities, prevent climate change and restore a more sustainable environment. Through her journeys in different Indigenous communities around the Philippines, she learned that the youth is assigning more value to Western culture as a result of centuries of colonization of the Philippines and the continuous Westernization of the country. By demonstrating how Indigenous culture is appreciated through clothing, it is encourage continuous practice and influencing the your to take an active role to perpetuating their own Indigenous knowledge learned from oral traditions from their elders with pride.

Since opening its virtual storefront, scores of Filipinx from different diasporic communities across the globe acquired their very own apparel, and other accessories from Daily Malong. In the past, the only way to find these items was by traveling to the Philippines. Elle Karayan has made is accessible and has influenced many other artists to create around mindful practice and embodiment of Indigenous knowledge.