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Daily Malong is proud to offer a vibrant collection of malongs sourced directly from partner communities in Mindanao. These malongs are steeped in cultural significance and tradition, and each piece tells a unique story of the community that produced it. The malongs are carefully crafted using traditional techniques and locally-sourced materials, ensuring their authenticity and quality.

From bold geometric designs to intricate patterns and vibrant colors, our collection of malongs is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Mindanao. Whether you're looking for a piece to wear as a colorful accessory, or a unique piece of home decor, our collection has something for everyone. By supporting our partner communities, you are not only adding a beautiful piece to your collection, but also contributing to the preservation of traditional crafts and the empowerment of local artisans. Shop our collection today and experience the beauty and cultural richness of Mindanao.