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Lydia Querian is a multifaceted artist, acclaimed for her groundbreaking work in the realms of fashion, dance, and music. With her visionary approach, she has not only earned Telly Awards but has also left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, particularly in promoting pre-Philippine Indigenous living traditions and entrepreneurship. Born and raised in the heart of Metro Manila, Lydia's early experiences were steeped in the a balance of urban culture with the influence of her family whose ancestral practices has been kept even after migrating from their respective provinces. In 2010, she embarked on a transformative journey by migrating to California, where she began to perceive the subtle nuances and contrasting perspectives between her homeland and the diasporic community. This awakening would serve as the catalyst for her future endeavors.
Lydia Querian's work is deeply rooted in the intersectionality of cultural yearning within the Filipinx community and the imperative need for representation of Indigenous communities bin the Philippines. Her dedication to these causes has led her to establish Divine Creative Studio, an artistic powerhouse with subsidiaries in advertising, music, and fashion, all aimed at promoting and celebrating Filipino culture throughout the globe. As an artist, has toured both nationally and internationally, leaving audiences awestruck with her performances alongside respected artistic groups such as Dancing Earth, Kularts, Parangal Dance Company, and Fusion Dance Project. Her talent even graced prestigious stages like the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2017 and the Merrie Monarch Festival in 2016.
Lydia's fashion designs have also gained significant recognition, being featured at SS21 and SS22 New York Fashion Week under the banner "Indigenous is the future." Her innovative designs reflect her commitment to promoting and perpetuating Indigenous Filipino artistry. Lydia's latest project, Daily Malong, is a testament to her mission. This initiative is dedicated to empowering Indigenous Filipino artists by showcasing their living traditions and fostering appreciation within the diaspora. She firmly believes that bringing Indigenous practices into the present will not only preserve time-tested traditions but also address contemporary challenges, such as societal injustices, climate change, and the quest for a more sustainable environment.
In every indigenous textile she designs, every note of music she plays, and every dance movement she executes, Lydia Querian is steering the course of Filipino culture into the future. Her work is a bridge between the past and the present, a tribute to the enduring legacy of the Philippines, and a beacon of hope for the generations to come. Lydia's dedication to cultural work and entrepreneurship is an inspiration, reminding us all that the power of art can shape not only our understanding of the world but also our ability to change it for the better.