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Datu Abdulfarid Kamensa Guinomla | Datu Endatun Dilampung Sigay nu Adat

Farid Guinomla
Abdulfarid Kamensa Guinomla, popularly known as "Farid Guinomla," is a young culture bearer raised in the culture and society of Maguindanaoan/Buayanen traditions. He is a scion of Hadji Datu Guinomla Kasmi clan, tracing their roots from Sultan Sucandar Giumla Alam Dalimbang, the 13th ruler of the Royal House of Buayan Darussalam. His maternal side is from Datu Mindo Anguso clan, who was also from the Buayan lineage. 
Farid was immersed in the traditional kulintang music and has an astounding musical heritage. His Grand Uncle was the prodigy Amal Lemuntod, who's record was released at the 1955 Smithsonian Folkways, Music of Maguindanao in the Philippines. He is also the nephew of the Father of Filipino-American Kulintang Music, Master Danongan "Danny" Kalanduyan who is also known in the Smithsonian realm. 
Growing up, he has excelled in playing kulintang music and is a known leader for the Datu Piang Kulintang Ensemble in Maguindanao. His vision is to pass along this musical tradition to the next generation just as how it was passed along to him. 
Known for his musical background, he's traveled nationally and internationally presenting Kulintang culture to different communities including Northern Philippines, Davao and Beijing. 
Later in his career, Farid discovered his passion for fashion and founded Datu's Atelier that is now a respected collaborator of Elle Karayan in California. Datu's Atelier creates different contemporary attires using handwoven Maguindanaoan fabric called Inaul. His creations are now recognized in different countries including the USA, Australia, Europe and some parts of Southeast Asia. 
Apart from his artistic acumen, Farid is a registered nurse working for a Non-Government Organization focusing on Children's Nutrition and Immunization, Governance and Maternal health. 
On Cctober 7, 2019, the Municipality of Radjah Buayan in the Province of Maguindanao, with the leadership of Honorable Mayor Datu Zamzamin Lumenda Ampatuan, he was bestowed with the title "Datu Endatun Dilampung Sigay nu Adat" to Farid for his contributions to the community and for being an exemplar to fellow youth and fellow Maguindanaoan-Buayanen in upholding and promoting the Adat-Betad, also known as the culture and tradition of Maguindanao-Buayan.