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Undas, Halloween and your OOTD

Undas, Halloween and your OOTD

It's Halloween! It'll be interesting to see how this all works out with COVID-19. When I migrated, I saw Halloween as what seemed to be America's biggest costume party. Completely different vibe from the Philippines.  

Daily Malong Photoshoot 2017, Style by Stephanie Gancayco (Janna San Felipe, Nathan Perucho, Kristian Ilustre, Lydia Querian, Jazlyn Pastor, Darren Garza)

Image: Daily Malong Photoshoot 2017, Styled by Stephanie Gancayco (Janna San Felipe, Nathan Perucho, Kristian Ilustre, Lydia Querian, Jazlyn Pastor, Darren Garza)

Around this time, every year when I was growing up, it was a completely different mood. It wasn't too jolly. It was sentimental. It was reminiscent. I remember my family preparing for a big lunch at the cemetery where we can share a meal with the departed. At that time both my Grandmother and Grandfather on my Dad's side and my Lolo Badong from my Mom's side. 

We'd get flowers, a dish per family, potluck style and We'd share it amongst ourselves. It was like Christmas where the family gathered, but a little more tame. A little more mindful that there are souls around watching us and connecting with us. We'd say a prayer (most of the time the rosary), then head back to our homes to rest and have a reflective restful weekend.

At first I thought it was such a boring time until I really understood why the mood changes around this time. It was honoring, remembering and a belief that once in a year, they are around to be here with us. The departed souls -- Our ancestors. 

I wish my parents had explained better what this day was to me. But I also understand that the event is a little too washed out by different colonial belief and different perspectives of the Catholic church. However, what would've mattered is the context of it that I'm just now appreciating. 

Fast forward to the recent years. I see people around me excited for it. Preparing to get dressed for what could be a massive party. I've dressed up at least twice in the last 10 years and I knew that those times were followed by a massive hangover and sleeping in the next day. Wondering how all of that halloween thing is going to play out around COVID-19.

I touched a little bit about dressing up because I know that our favorite supporters like to get dressed to represent themselves, their journey, their own story as Pilipinx in the diaspora. We are here to support you and be with you as you navigate through your stories. This support transcends through  However!!! We are in the hopes that the beautiful pieces on Daily Malong are not used as "costume" for halloween. 


When you pick up that Daily Malong piece, think about the weavers, seamstresses and all other resources where it came from. Think about the people in the tribu whose resilience we intend to celebrate. Their attire  are not of fictional characters meant to be worn around while getting turned up in the bar. We clearly don't have control over what you do with what you purchased, but we hope that this is something you think about.

Daily Malong works around respect to the best of our ability. It took many strides for us to build the relationships we have to bring you items that may support your journey. We trust in the gods that these pieces guide you to responsibility.

Wear them to tell your story. Wear them to speak about your narrative. Be the Daily Malong for your own journey. Beautiful, cozy and made with integrity. 

Salamat po!



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