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Salika Maguindanao-Samad and Jardin Samad

Salika and Jardin founded Maranao Collectibles, a group of internally-displaced women and men who create heirloom langkit weaving that reminds everyone of the greatness of the good people of Lanao. She started the initiative to preserve Maranao culture.  

"While some older members of the community still know the art, they aren’t actively weaving because there’s no demand or market for the products. Meanwhile, younger members of the community prefer to work in the private sector or go abroad rather than learn to weave. And since no one was interested in weaving anymore, many of the fabrics left behind were old," says Salika.

One of Maranao Collectible's initiative is to help the youth learn the art of Maranao weaving which they believe is slowely vanishing. They aim to train students and out of school youth on tradtional weaving to help them give more value to this living tradition and continue to serve the growing apprecation of the langkit. 

Their group has explored different ways to present the langkit including lanyards, camera straps, bag stratps, etc.