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Rosie Sula

Rosie Sula
Rosie Sula is a community leader at the Gomo Hofo Heritage Center in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. She is a teacher by trade. “I am a teacher. I studied in the Western method. But the more I teach young people, the more I feel that the greater part of my work is also teaching them to value our ways. The T’boli are already famous for our weaving of the t’nalak cloth and brass casting. There are so much more to be preserved that’s why this farm and heritage center is important to me.” 
Nanay Rosie is also known as multi-instrumentalist and a beautiful chanter. One during a visit to Lake Sebu, she demonstrates how she sits on a raised platform, striking a wooden resonator as a means of repelling birds from crops. The sharp sounds cuts through the fields in time with the chant. Her powerful voice awakens spirituality in many forms. 
Whenever we visit, Nanay Roise is always excited to demonstrate to us the many facets of her culture. From the madal tahu (dance) to the anecdotes of Tudbulul, the native hero of their people, to the madal be tonok (healing dance) to madal tahaw,  or Bird dance. Nanay Rosie is a living repository of T’boli tradition and culture.