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Myrna Pula


Nanay Myrna is a storyteller. She is gifted with a good memory as she tells us the different epic stories and folk tales of their tribe. She's traveled all over the world to advocate for the T'boli tribe. 

Message from Nanay Myrna:

"Arts is means of communication. It communicates the deepest part of our human psyche. When we speak to Elle Karayan, we speak through art even though we speak different languages. Elle Karayan helps share our stories, promote the development of our culture and build the platform to share our culture. Sharing our culture is a big means for us to survive.

The very thing Tbolis are proud of is the strong family ties and the sharing to the max, even to the extent of giving the last drop of your blood.

It is a tremendous struggle to preserve and embrace culture despite of the pressing western cultures. In fact, more Tbolis have lost tract of our traditional ways, for now we need to have a paradigm shift. This is a big mission to tackle.

We the tribes all over the Philippines are forest hill tribe dwellers, we took care of our forest to allow people in the world to breath fresh air! If you ask me what can Filipinos do? The biggest help is to help us take back our Ancestral lands, so it will allow is to restore, reinstate, rehabilitate our forestland.

We the tribes have reached out dream of Lemlunay, the Tboli term you asked, when we achieve the Paradise, no war, equal rights, abundance of food, music every where.

This is where we need all Filipinos to support us in any way."