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Janna San Felipe

Janna San Felipe is a first generation Filipinx-American, born and raised in the Bay Area. From a young age, she always felt compelled to create for herself. She started sewing in 2009 as an elective in high school. Since then, she continued to create, using sewing as a form of self-expression. San Felipe enjoys the creative process of starting from scratch: the feeling of each fabric at the shop, long hours of trial and errors, and finally piecing the materials together into the finished product. In recent events including the pandemic, she decided to start her small business “Sewfelipe,” selling face masks and other products such as hair scrunchies.

San Felipe joined Parangal Dance Company in 2016, where she was introduced to the different textiles from various Indigenous communities in the Philippines. Inspired by the beautiful attire and woven textiles, she hopes to explore more of the history in her family’s homeland. With the thriving Filipino community in the diaspora, San Felipe hopes to educate herself on the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines, to create pieces that identify with her Filipinx-American experience, and to grow in her sewing journey.

Janna is our sole collaborator of Daily Malong's INGAT KOLLEKTION.