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BILAT Collection

Bilat Series (Vagina talks) is like the season of spring when beautiful flowers bloom and comes out of the dark winter… Women embroider intergenerational collective wound, trauma, bliss, joy, into vibrant hues of emotions and experiences as symbolic broken pieces of their intimate personal narratives most often kept in the dark closet… Coming out is reclaiming the sacred where every woman is celebrated, honored, heard, and loved. Talking vaginas asserts the beauty of freedom nothing strange nor peculiar object of desire but a repository of life stories, history, generation, strength, courage and as life source.

Bilat series brings out in the open the dark issues often kept secrets of pain, abuse and trauma, shame, helplessness and cultural stigma to women. Many are unspoken, untold, unheard, invisible and forgotten. The artworks offers a conversation about the body of a woman, the issues and cultural nuances and taboos. Vagina is no longer an alien thing, a sex object, or an object of desire, but something intimate, pure celebration of sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. The colorful installation is an offering of life, wholeness, purity, innocence, sacredness of humanity as the mouth of the womb where all humanity is born.