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Nanay Myrna and the T'boli community

Nanay Myrna and the T'boli community

🌿 Nanay Myrna B. Pula, also known as Aning Bebing, a descendant of the T'boli tribe from Mindanao. Born in Lambisol village, now part of Lake Sebu, Philippines, she witnessed the beauty of her culture and land. She is a storyteller and we always enjoy listening to her stories when we visit. She also carries a deep anguish for the assault on their heritage, the desecration of their environment, and the struggle for their people's survival.


Despite these challenges, Nanay Myrna is determined to make a difference. She believes in a master plan that will reverse this oppression. At its core is a change of heart and a return to their roots. It's not about going back, but learning from the past, honoring wisdom that flows through their blood.

Nanay Myrna envisions a Heritage Center—more than just preserving traditions, but a small movement within the larger plan. It aims to identify experts in arts, crafts, and performing arts who will teach arts to the youth and pass on their knowledge. This vital cultural transfer will be closely monitored and directed to ensure its success.

In solidarity with Nanay Myrna and the T'boli community, every T'boli piece purchased from Daily Malong is a contribution to the T'boli people of Lake Sebu and the community where Nanay Myrna hails from. Together, we can create a life-giving force that resonates through generations. 🌍🙌

#CulturalRevival #SustainableFuture #TboliPride #FilipinoWeaving #DreamWeavers #TboliCommunity #Filipinx


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