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In Solidarity with Palestine

In Solidarity with Palestine

We stand in solidarity with the community in Palestine. As a community that has endured generations of trauma stemming from genocide and colonialism. It is with heavy hearts and a strong commitment to peace that we address the issue at hand.

We believe that genocide is NOT the path to peace. The suffering, pain, and loss of life that come with it are simply not compatible with our vision for a harmonious world. At the core of our mission lies the principle of re-matriation, an objective born from our profound respect for women and the life-giving environment. We recognize that women and children are often the most vulnerable in times of conflict, and we advocate for their safety and well-being.

The situation in Gaza has been a long-standing conflict, marred by tragedy and division. Healing and genuine peace are desperately needed to alleviate the suffering of those who have endured far too much. Our hearts go out to the women and children who bear the brunt of this ongoing conflict. We stand with the community, a community caught in the crossfire of events that are not of their making, and yet they continue to bear the burdens of this conflict.

We pray for the women, the children, and all innocent lives affected by this strife. We pray for a resolution that brings an end to the pain and suffering. We call for healing and understanding, for empathy and compassion to guide the way forward. We stand for a world in which all communities, regardless of their origin, can live in peace and prosperity.

by @msellekarayan


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